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Yours truly,

June 10th, 2012

Dear Wolfgang... @ 06:14 pm

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Dear son,

16 years ago today, you left Daddy and me to go play in Heaven. It has never been easy to keep going, but by God's strength alone, I have managed to find courage I had no clue existed. For many, many years, I harboured guilt of "What if I had done x different...," but I learned that guilt isn't mine to carry. It isn't anyone's. I now, instead of mourning, praise God for giving me the blessing and honour of choosing me to be your Mommy. I miss you fiercely everyday, but I tell myself, and I can hear you whisper to my heart that it's alright, that each day I find the strength to get up and live, even if I only take it a second at a time, I am honouring your memory.

I love you SOOOOOOO much. I no longer rail against Heaven, no more screaming how unfair it is. None of those things will accomplish anything. I have accepted things as best I am able. I am trying everyday to make it through, knowing one day, one glorious, beautiful day, we will reunite, never, EVER to part, never, EVER separated again.

Thank You, Jesus, for my beautiful treasure that is my son. Thank You, that of all the women from Eve to the last woman ever to live, whomever she will be, You chose ME to have such an amazing honour to bring such a precious little person into the world.

Wolfie, Bis wir uns wiedersehen, meine wunderschöne kleine Mann, weißt du Mama lebt! <3

Love, now and forever,
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Yours truly,